Digital Age of Book of Burning

I was one of the first users of the Internet in the Church and Christian community.  In fact, during the mid 1990’s I gave lectures and presentations nationally and internationally on the power of the Internet.  In the beginning I saw the internet as a means of leveling the playing field.  The big corporations and the little guys now could compete for the market in a relatively inexpensive way.  I believed at that time the media would be transformed and print and broadcast media as we knew it would die.  In fact, I sat in the home of the publisher of The Miami Herald in the mid-90’s with my attorney predicting that the Miami Herald print edition would not exist in 15 years.  He laughed at me stating that, “People will always want to have the physical paper in their hands.”  Well I guess we all know what happened.  The printed version of the Miami Herald and most papers in the U.S. are almost non-existent.

The internet in its earliest years was a FREE and dynamic wild wild west.  It exploded with new ideas and thought.  I thought we were entering into a great new world with the free exchange of ideas, opinions and thought.  However, the big corporations and those small internet companies rapidly began a process on going public, raising billions of dollars and then the buy outs and mergers began.  The consolidation and power of the internet has literally destroyed this free and powerful medium and exchange of ideas.  Now the corporations governed by profit and shareholders would control the content, distribution and thoughts of the internet.

Early on I sounded the alarm that even though books would be in digital form we should be worried that in digital form they could be easily changed or even eliminated.  In my own life I personally gave away over 10,000 books (I now regret this) as I had easy access via the internet.  But my worst concerns have began to happen.  The masters of the universe, the digital czars, are now in the process of censoring and even eliminating books, articles, and banning opinions contrary to their stated social positions.  This is happening at a very quick pace.  Remember when you buy a book from Amazon Kindle or Apple Books you never really own the content as you would when you buy the printed version.  In fact, if you read the disclaimers you will find these companies can remove, change or eliminate the content at will.  You have no control over the changes.

How long will it be before the Bible the most important book in human history is banned from the internet as hate speech?  How long will it be before the contents of the Bible are slowly changed and modified to comply with our social political correctness?  It is only a matter of time as these changes occur.

I suggest that the Christian community must develop an alternative system to preserve and maintain our literature and culture before it is banned from the planet.  We should maintain hard copies of our great works and create an alternative the the Masters of the Internet where we have separate access to our history and content. 

Luke 21:33
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.”