We are living in a time of great movement and transition and transformation.  These are two words we use very commonly in our everyday speech.  However, there meanings are very important.

Transition – movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc.

It is the movement from one place or concept to another.

Transformation – to move beyond form.

It is the understanding that in the Spiritual we are moving beyond the limitations of our form or body.

The transitional reality involves your willingness to move beyond your current concepts and position and allow transformation or the movement beyond the limitations of your form or body to occur.

This requires changing the way you see yourself and life itself.  As I have taught you in the past you will only see what you can believe.  Beliefs in limitations as to form or to your current realities of physical life create a world that is very limited.

Your perception of your life will determine what you do in life and your perspective in life will determine what you see which will in turn determine your perception of life.

To live a life without limitations requires you to see a life without limitations.  The problems we currently experience are usually limitations of the physical and mental states of thinking.

The ability to see your life differently you must first be willing to change what you currently believe.  You must be willing to look into a realm or a dimension you may or may not even realize exists.  You must be willing to go where few men have gone before.

Dr. Rick Patterson 2011

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